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Empyreal Souls Collection

Empyreal Souls stunningly combines Bogdanoff's neo-expressionistic and realistic approach with his fresco secco technique. “Empyreal” — pertaining to the heavens and that which is formed of fire and light — is how Bogdanoff describes this collection. Bogdanoff regards his mystical faces in this series as guardian angels. As Bogdanoff's own spiritual journey continues to evolve, so does his work as it pertains to his belief that the universe moves in a good and orderly direction, and of the souls/angels that inhabit it. Haunting at first glance, the faces take the viewer into the depths of Bogdanoff's own life history of difficult obstacles. Study them closer, and the faces begin to take on a magical and hypnotic quality. The viewer is taken to what Bogdanoff describes as his 'path of wellness.' This is where Bogdanoff wants you to arrive. Here is the core of where hope lies — the hope that comes from strength and enlightenment when one is able to work through past sufferings and traumas, and ultimately finds peace, serenity and happiness.

These vivid human yet ethereal facial images are enhanced on the signature distressed plaster canvas through a melding of classic and modern styles.


Plaster paintings and frescoes from The Empyreal Souls Collection have been added to art collections around the world. If the artwork you wish to add to your collection is already sold, you can commission Steve to create a similar artpiece specifically for you. View all web galleries for inspiration and let Steve know what you would like. Or you can provide him with images of your own. Steve will work with your ideas and present you with a design concept and creation just for you.

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